Top 5 Harley Glasses

Want the inside scoop on the best motorcycle eyewear has to offer? Today we are reviewing the top 5 most affordable motorcycle glasses so that we can help you safely ride in style this weekend!

  1. Wind Master Padded Motorcycle Glasses

    These glasses come with 2 shades of lenses – Smoked & Clear. The smoke color is for day-time rides. The clear color is for night riding and offers an ultra sharp and ultra safe perspective on those late-night rides. These glasses have a foam padded frame for comfort and to keep wind dust and bugs out of your eyes. These glasses are perfect for you if you love the look and feel of a nice pair of terminator ray bans but dont want something that was originally designed for a life guard tower!

  2. Choppers Glasses

    This pair of killer shades also feature a padded frame. In addition to the “smoke” color, these glasses come in yellow and of course, clear. These glasses are 100% UV protected and great for long rides with the sun in your face. Make sure you are getting the best in eye protection on your long rides with these amazing glasses from Choppers.

  3. Chicago Sunglasses

    These riding glasses from eyewear brand “Chicago” are perfect for motorcycle riding; They are also ideal for other ATV riding and other sports. This amazing riding eyewear comes in a durable matte black frame and features shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. These glasses make the list because of their durability and ability to take the hits that come along with active rides. Drop them, step on them, heck; you an even take a punch to the face with these bad boys protecting your peepers!

  4. Global Vision Eyewear

    These incredible riding goggles are made form shatterproof polycarbonate! Global Vision Eyewear created these to be scratch resistant and UV 400 protected! They feature a soft airy foam padding that make sure that your face stays comfortable. Also, these googles feature the “Red Baron” look that is sure to impress your friends! Take note: Lenses transform in sunlight from your choice of either clear to smoke or yellow to smoke! These google are perfect for the sort of riders that lose their eyewear frequently. The advantage to these specs is they have a strap that keeps them securely attached to you at all times!

  5. KD’s Clear Lens Night Riding Glasses

    From temple to temple these glasses are 5 1/4″ and about 1 1/2″ tall. These glasses are built tough too; They feature Exceeds ANSI Z80.3 Impact Resistant Lenses with a UV 400 Ultra Violet Protection standard. These specs feature something that these other guys don’t, a free soft case! This is included free of charge!

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