World Biggest Exhaust On A Bike!

Ready for one heck of a laugh? This clip screams “I have too much time on my hands”! Custom pipes are great, I am a huge fan of exhaust; That doesn’t necessarily mean I am a fan of “huge exhaust”. Nevertheless, we know you are going to want to check out this huge Harley engine exhaust. Enjoy!

Is this the biggest one you’ve ever seen? Something tells me this clip is form somewhere deep in the heart of Western Europe. There is just something in the water out there that makes people with too much money on their hands feel the need to elaborately trick out almost every piece of personal property that they own. This particular gentlemen decided that stock exhaust just wouldn’t do. He needed to go big.

“Where to start?” You may ask. We have a hint for you. The scrap metal yard! The only way you’re going to be able to replicate something this unbelievably gaudy is to custom build your own insanely stupid exhaust. Not to mention the fact that you had better be great at custom fabricating your own curves and lines! Exhaust pipes can be very difficult to design and fabricate on your own.

Let’s play devils advocate though and say that you actually DID get these pipes made for your own ride. Where the heck would you ride it? I am willing to wager that those pipes are so tall that they don’t fit under some bridges! Whatever the case, those pipes are sure to catch the eyes of every other commuter on the road!

When it comes down to it, these pipes may not be super practical. Heck, this exhaust system may even burn it’s own private little hole in the ozone, we just can’t say. What we do know for 100% fact is; This video will crack you up! Watch and Enjoy!

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