Tron Light Bike (Lithium Powered)!

We prefer good ole’ American muscle but when we saw this Tron bike we just HAD to know more! It is the creation of Parker Brothers Choppers out of Texas and Evolve Motorcycles, a made-in-America startup building electric scooters that are actually a zippy good time.

The best place to start with any story is the beginning I suppose. Tron is a story about a game/software designer that becomes obsessed with and eventually trapped inside of the virtual world he creates. Inside of this world, disputes are settled by “Tron Light Bike” battles that involve drawing “light-lines” on a battle course and forcing your competitor to smash into those “light-lines”; thus killing them and emerging victorious! Pretty cool right?!

To be awesome at these tron style battles you need a tron style light cycle! That is exactly what the designers have come up with here. This light cycle is pure imagination turned to reality! With fully functioning wheels and lights that are to make even the most decorated of Christmas trees green with envy…

How did they create this amazing machine? It started with an idea: “How can we make what we see in the remake of “Tron” reality?” These geniuses have figured out an amazing way to revolutionize lithium ion battery technology and turn it into an amazing combination of mechanics and technology. Evolve Electric Motorcycles built this incredible piece of technology and we just can’t believe it works so well!

The bottom line about this amazing light cycle is it is a reality! These babies are for sale and you can pick yourself up one today for a cool $55,000!!


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