Harley-Davidson Funeral Bike

Want to go out with a bang? So did this Harley-Davidson rider. This is a clip form one incredible biker funeral precession in Sturgis that we know you are really going to enjoy. This is a classic “When life hands you lemons” situation made better by one couple’s love for riding.

Take a second look at this Harley-Davidson funeral bike – Death is a hard reality that everyone must face – Not just motorcycle riders. When the grim reaper comes knocking, have you given any thought to the way you want to be remembered? This particular rider wanted something truly remarkable for her funeral precession. Invention is born form necessity and thus – The hearse bike was born!

A modified 5th wheel trailer hitch is attached to an all black Harley-Cruiser to create the perfect funeral parade for this deceased biker. Plenty of modifications such as this can be found online. We found quite a few purpose built models that were specifically designed to pull the recently departed to their final resting place. For some reason, this modified real bike being driven by loving husband and friend just touched me to watch.

Rides like these happen once in a lifetime. When it is time for you to say that final goodbye to a friend or loved one. Make sure that you do it the Harley way! Get yourself a funeral bike and take a rock and roll ride to that faithful cemetery. Heck, why not go all out and get an engraved Harley-Davidson tombstone? That way, when people walk past, there will be no question that a Harley lover is buried there!

From The Video Owner:

George Jones pulls his wife Jennifer “Jennefire” D. Ososki’s casket behinds his motorcycle on her last ride during her funeral procession down Main Street in Bristol on Friday.

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