The Fastest Bike in the World – Cockpit View

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. It features Rocky Robinson setting the new Landspeed Record for a wheel streamlined motorcycle. This guy gets some serious points for bravery behind the handlebars.

Allow me to paint a mental picture for you. You open your eyes to find your face trapped inside of a helmet. In front of you is a dashboard and cockpit that rivals that of a NASA spaceshuttle. To your left you see a jet mechanic giving the “ok” for go; to your right, the bleak nothingness of the salt flats. You are in the place of 2 wheel land speed record holder Rocky Robinson and you are about to go for the ride of your life.

Rocky Robinson is an mad man. Consider yourself lucky that the little scenario I painted for you isn’t the reality you are being faced with. Lucky for both of us, we get to enjoy this monumental ride from the comfort of our computer chairs. Guys like this are the reason mankind is incredible. People like Rocky that are willing to push the human body as well as the limits of technology make the technology we now rely on possible.

From start to finish, this is one insane record to break. To be the fastest thing on 2 wheels a lot of planning has to happen ahead of time. The team behind Rocky’s amazing journey riding on the fastest thing on two wheels is an incredible one. Some of the most talented people in the field of jet engines and some of the most phenomenal minds in the world of combustion engine technology combine to form this amazing group. Together, they manage to push technology to it’s brink.

We know you will want to know more about this amazing story. Lucky for us, there is a documentary that goes along with this video that shows the full story of the events leading up to this monumental land speed record. You can buy it here on Amazon. Feast your eyes on this one and enjoy!

About This Video

It’s two way average was 376mph and the peak speed was 384mph. They set the cameras up on the outside and inside of the motorcycle so it’s about as cool as these types of videos get. Sit back and hold on for this one and be sure to share it.

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