Police Chase!

Dallas FOX 4 news helicopter, SKY 4 captured a police chase involving a suspect on a Harley. Unfortunately for him he was aprehended and wasn’t able to say “I beat the cops on my Harley!” But he gave us this awesome video. Enjoy!

The suspect had a federal warrant and had been under surveillance. He led police through the streets and highways of Fort Worth and Arlington. Those are the nitty-gritty details… Now, let’s speculate! Ok, so I am coming clean right here and now. I feel like I would be able to outdrive 90% of the police in my region of the United States. When faced with the blue lights in my rear view however, I usually choose to just pull over and take it on the chin like a man.

This guy has no time for the cops. He decides to turn these sunny day streets into his own personal driving course. When I mentioned that I had thought about running from the police myself a time or two in my past; I sort of always envisioned opening up the clutch and losing them in the police cruisers in the high gears. This biker appears to have no real desire to outrun the police officers, he just wants to keep them busy.

Strange behavior if you ask me. I wonder if a near by bank heist was happening at the same time and this was all just some “Oceans 11” type ploy to deter the police in the surrounding Texas area. Whatever the case may be this guy has provided for a solid 10 minutes of entertainment; for that, we salute him!

Just for the record: If you are ever faced with this situation, learn from this video. Don’t lead the cops on some long chase. Making them chase you just makes them angrier. Simply pull over and get your ticket. Keep the roads safe everybody!

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