Motorcross on a Harley!

Any Harley riders out there ever wondered what it would be like to try motorcross? We love our Harley’s, but the heavy SOB’s aren’t exactly made for dirt jumps. Somebody forgot to tell that to Chris Palermo, who took his street legal Harley into a motorcross competition.

For those of you that don’t know Chris Palermo won the California Rally Championship G2 in 2009. Also winning the Rally America Southwest Regional Championship in G2. He knows how to ride a motorcycle. So when he decided that he was going to take his street legal Harley-Davidson over a few dirt jumps, people had to let this crazy rider do his thing.

Mr. Palermo is a stunt driver that has worked in the entertainment industry consistently since 1992. He has some serious chops at the whole “Drive it like you stole it” philosophy. He has appeared in movies such as Serenity, Cradle to the Grave, S.W.A.T, and more.

DId you guys see Jack Reacher? That is the new Tom Cruise movie where Tom plays a military police officer/hit man/secret service type that has to track down the most deadly killers in the world. Chris actually drove stunts in that movie as well. It is no surprise that when he hits the dirt track on his Harley that he commands the attention of the other riders and onlookers nearby.

Chris may not hit those huge jumps like the other riders, but with his tricked out Harley-Davidson he definitely stands a chance to finish this race. IN the clip he mentions that previously when he has competed in this race, he had a blow up doll on the back of his bike so he could hold the record for completing the competition with a passenger. His unique sense of humor is one of the endearing qualities about Chris that make him a pleasure to watch with his on the track antics.

Way to go Chris!

About This Video:

Check out this video to see Chris hang with the pack on the dirt roads and get some serious air on his Harley. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get out there and take on the teenagers!

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