Mongols MC of San Diego

1%’ers, Thugs, Bad News, whatever you call them – Members of motorcycle clubs and/or motorcycle gangs, particularly the Mongols MC of San Diego, have found their own unique place in the history of the motorcycle here on this planet. Watch what happens when we take a ride with some Mongols!

The Mongols, also known as the Mongol Nation or the Mongol Motorcycle Club is one such group of motorcycle enthusiasts. It just so happens that this particular group has one of the longest wrap sheets in the history of organized crime in this country!

After forming in the summer of 1969, the Mongols quickly gained a reputation as one of the toughest motorcycle outfits that the United States had ever seen. Allegedly dealing in methamphetamine and other narcotics – The group quickly caught the attention of local and federal law enforcement.

One of the more publicized incidents with this incredibly large and insanely well organized motorcycle club was an even that concluded in the year of 2000 – Undercover ATF agent Billy Queen infiltrated the club and became a fully patched member. Billy, his alias still unknown managed to become the clubs treasurer. Being able to patch into the club is one thing – Being promoted to the position of treasurer is quite another. This was a big wake up call to the clubs organizers and main brass as well as a huge embarrassment to the club as a whole.

Since this famous bust in the year 2000, another big and noteworthy even that took place was the HUGE brawl in Laughlin, Nevada where members of the Mongols confronted members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club and things quickly escalated into bloodshed. The event left 1 Mongol and 2 HA members dead and charges were brought up against 2 gun wielding members of the Hell’s Angels.

It is important to note that with all the negative stigma attached to these supposed outlaw biker gangs, these clubs have also been known to do a bit of good for the societies and communities they are apart of. On many occasions leading toy drives for unfortunate and underprivileged kids and also escorting members of the overseas armed forces to their homes after arriving back to the states.

Whatever your opinion is on these incredible groups of motorcycle riders, their place in our culture is sure to be defined for many generations to come.

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San Diego Mongols with various chapters assemble for a few epic rides across the coast!

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