Laugh your butt off at these riders!

We’ve all seen our fair share of newbies out there dropping their bikes, stalling or even worse running themselves off the road. Here’s a look at some of the dumbest riders you will ever see.


Mopeds are like chubby girls, fun until your buddy sees you riding them. Ha, that was a little biker joke for you. But seriously folks I just flew in form Sturgis and boy are my arms tired! Ok, ok, That was the last one. My jokes may not be the best but hey, at least I’m not the clowns shown in this biker fail compilation. This collection of clips is a montage that pays homage to the idiots on 2 wheels that we all are so very fond of.

From wheelies gone wrong to burnouts where the drivers forget where the brakes are; this video has some of the most hilarious bikers we have ever seen. We certainly don’t condone driving bikes through walls or forgetting how to properly clutch your wheelie but we fully support the friends of these numb skulls who remember to keep the cameras rolling.

I don’t mean to bulldoze my opinion on you but at the 1:30 minute mark you can see my personal favorite. This guy has some sort of super enclosed soap box bicycle racer that is just a disaster on two wheels. You can see it start to drift as it careens down the hill. My favorite part is the people that get smashed into. I know, I’m morbid to laugh at people getting hurt. But I mean honestly; what did they think was going to happen when they stood that close to the track?

Dust off the ole dunce cap. We’re taking a stroll down stupidity lane with this awesome video. Enjoy!

About This Video

Check out this video to see how NOT to ride and to catch a few laughs at the expense of other riders and their precious bikes. You’ll shake your head at the stupid ideas, but laugh your ass off after you see what happens! Make sure you don’t pull up next to one of these idiots at a light.

Go ahead and click on the video, you’ll have a smile on your face the rest of the day!

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