Harley World Record Unofficial Long Distance Jump!!

Seth Enslow breaks all the records but this INSANE jump is property of one particularly incredible Aussie named, Jack Walker. Harley World Record Unofficial Long Distance Jump (By Jack Walker Testing Seth Enslow’s Harley)

Famed rider and storied athlete, Seth Enslow is best known for being the guy that made insane moto jumping famous. When it comes to record breaking jumps, this guy knows his stuff. So when it comes to incredible moto jumping when something gets the “Enslow Seal Of Approval” we take it seriously. This video doesn’t feature Seth but instead, another amazing rider, Jack Walker.

Here we see Jack fitting Seth’s bike and eventually making a HUGE jump of 450 meters and claiming the world record for farthest jump on a Harley. To give you a little back story on Jack, he is a wild and crazy Aussie in his early 30’s that clearly has no fear of leaving terra-firma in hopes of setting world records.

A lot of back story is not given – However from what we can assess this jump is definitely one of the biggest on record. We can all remember how awesome it was to have amazing dare-devils grab the handlebars and show us their stuff. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Evil Knievel and Jeb Corliss, to the lesser known’s.

These sorts of incredible super jumps and acts of super-human ability are sure to captivate the audiences of Americana culture for a long time to come!

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