Harley Wheelie Fest

You know how they say “too much of a good thing can be BAD” We say bullocks to that! When it comes to a sweet wheelie contest being held at an event for Harley enthusiasts; too much is NEVER enough! Check out this amazing wheelie montage and enjoy!

Wheel you do me a favor? Take a look at this incredible video and live vicariously through these amazing riders. As always, I am starting with the obligatory “Do Not Try This At Home” warning; but to be honest, wheelies done in a safe environment I have absolutely no problem with. If you want to take a chance at potentially ruining your prized machine, I won’t stop you. Just don’t expect me to put my beauty out there in the contest.

These guys have all the right moves. I think my favorite wheelies come formt he Harley with the saddlebags but that is not to say that the other guy on the Buell doesn’t pull off some crazy moves as well. Now, we have already discussed the science and methods to a wheelie before; this time we’re going in a different direction – Let’s talk about the best tires for popping sweet wheelies!

The important thing to keep in mind when picking “wheelie-ready” tires for your Harley-Davidson are the CC’s of the engine. Sometimes you will see extra traction ware when using tires recommended for a smaller bike being used on a very powerful and heavy duty Harley engine. When picking tires for wheelies, the general rule of thumb is: Use a tire you do not mind popping. The fact is that tires are pricey and if you want to make a habit of popping wheelies, you need to have a deep pocket.

In the end, a wheelie is best performed by someone well practiced at it’s mysterious art. Whatever you do, don’t attempt your first wheelie in front of a crowd. I guarantee you wont look as cool as these guys!

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Which one does it better? Check out the awesome video!

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