Harley vs Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Sometimes you feel like you just KNOW who is going to win. This is one of those situations. This amazingly awesome drag race between 25 year old Harley Ratbike Chopper and a 170hp+ Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Guess who wins?!

Ah, racing. Everyone loves a good race! These two motorcycle riders are no different! This situation comes up at least twice an hour every day; A guy on a crotch rocket thinks his rice burner is going to be faster then Ol’ biker Bob’s Harley chopper. Think again guys. These bikes are pure american muscle and they will leave you feeling embarrassed 9 times out of every 10.

Normally you have to be pretty careful when racing through the streets but these guys seem to have a perfect little drag strip behind their shop. Apparently the gentlemen on the CBR is a circuit racer and he hangs at this shop very often. The Harley owns to the local gear head and is known to be a real monster on the streets. Naturally, over time, things progressed and they just had to see who had the faster bike.

See the main difference is the way the engine works. Motors on those little Honda’s and Suzuki’s just can’t compete with the amazing horsepower of the Harley-Davidson. Motorcycles with custom body work are great to look at but a well manicured engine can be a site to see on it’s own. This particular chopper isn’t particularly nice to look at, however, it is one heck of a speed demon!

At the end of the day, I guess it doesn’t really matter. As long as we’re all out there having fun on the machines that make us happy I think there is plenty of room on the busy streets for import and American made bikes.

About This Video

This man has considerable experience racing circuits but this ain’t no circuit! He was sure this race would be a piece of cake against this rolling piece of Harley crap, then things turned bad… Enjoy!!

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