Harley kick-starting by 12 year old girl

Can your daughters or sisters do this? This clip shows how easy cranking that old Shovelhead you’ve got stored out back can be. Watch in awe as we see this girl start a Harley with pure confidence.

Ever been faced with this problem? It is time to kick start that bike in front of your buddies but there is one small issue – You have been push starting your bike since the day you bought it. You have 2 choices; either admit to your friends that you lack the testicular fortitude to properly kick start that old bike of yours, or, you can watch this 12 year old girl and get some quick tips from a soon to be pro!

This video is great. I can’t tell you how proud I will be when my daughter has the opportunity to kick start dad’s Harley from cold lifeless machine into its full rip-roaring glory. The only issue I have is my daughter hasn’t quite been conceived yet. It’s no matter! I enjoy seeing this little girl crank-her-up all the same!

So, let’s hear it. Have you had the chance to show your daughter how to kick start the family Harley yet? If so, what methods did you use to show her the ropes? The thing I like about this video most is how comfortable the daughter is around the bike. Harley’s don’t need to be big mean machines feared by family members. Quite the contrary actually. Motorcycle riding is something that should be a time honored tradition in any family that believes quality time should be more then spending time in front of that infernal idiot box they call a television.

If you are looking for the Reader’s Digest condensed version of this video, you can see the bike get cranked at the :50 second marker. Enjoy this one and teach those daughters how to ride today!

About This Video

This 12 year old girl kick-starts a Shovelhead Chopper for the second time! Talented girl for sure! A new biker is born as we see her fire this bad boy up!

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