Harley Davidson Wheelies!

Wheelies are something we have all seen. We’ve been doing them on our bicycles since as far back as we can remember. The wheelies that we used to do in the driveway just don’t compare to what this guy can do on a Harley-Davidson! Check out the amazing tricks this guy does on his Harley!

Wheelies, Burnouts & Donuts. As a biker these are things we typically try to steer clear of. We all know the sort of hazards these sorts of stunts can present when out on a public street. However, when the cat is away the mice will play. Alternatively, when the passenger vehicles are away from the road, the bike rats come out to have their fun!

Everyone has that one friend that is always trying to get them to do something stupid while on the back of their bike. Take a free bit of advice from us right here and now: Don’t do it! Stay safe on the road and please, don’t try these sorts of stunts in your day-to-day life. Wheelies this epic are best left to the professional boneheads!

Ever wonder what the science behind a sweet wheelie is? We did to, so we thought we would share the info with you:

Basically, wheelies break down into 2 main categories, power wheelies and clutched wheelies. The power wheelie utilizes the bike motor and snaps the front wheel up once gassed to the max. The second type of wheelie is the clutched wheelie, to perform a clutched wheelie you need to pull that clutch way in then let it out quickly once in the friction zone. This will also cause that front wheel to pop up off the ground.

Look, no matter which method is your go-to favorite make sure you are gripping the gas tank tight with those legs and always be sure to keep those arms locked and strait! On second thought, forget we said any of that… Just kick back and watch this clip at your own risk!

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