Harley Davidson Choppers & AC DC… You’re Welcome!

You have to see these incredible bikes!! Come for the bikes and stay for the great tunes! We’ve combined two of the most amazing things in American motorcycle culture: AC/DC and the American Made Harley-Davidson. This clip has been scientifically proven to get your motors revving! 99% of the time it works 100% of the time! Kick back and enjoy this amazing piece of video!

Few combinations can boast the same recognition of “Thunder & Lightning”, “PB & J”, or “Rock & Roll” – “AC/DC & Harley-Davidson” are quickly becoming one of those storied combinations! Let’s face it – few rock and roll bands are as beloved as AC/DC across the motorcycle community. By that same token, few motorcycles are as unifying and adored as the Harley Motorcycle.

Take either one by itself and you have the makings of a great day… But, when you combine one with the other – You have the ingredients to one of the BEST days in your life!

This incredible video is a combination of exactly what we mentioned above – Rock & Roll and incredible bikes! What’s not to love? How do you ride? do you prefer music inside your helmet? Some bikes coem outfitted with speakers and stereo systems – but the big problem is some of the “tougher” bikes and choppers just don’t have room for speakers and amps.

Keep something in mind while you ride – Safety. AC/DC makes for a great soundtrack when taking a look back at your ride but be very careful when considering taking a ride with your tunes. Having ear plugs in can be a real impedance on your driving ability and overall awareness. In short, rock out – have a great ride, crank the tunes when you can! Most importantly though, be sure that when setting up for a music filled ride through your favorite place; that you do it with your safety as priority #1!

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