Get out of that cage!

There is nothing like the freedom you experience on a motorcycle. The wind in your face and the smell of life all around you. There are few things that compare to those solitary rides through the sunset. Upgrade your commute with a Harley-Davidson and you will never look back.

Getting out of those cages, otherwise known as “cars” is liberating. Once experienced, most of us never want to go back. In fact, most Harley riders shake their heads in dismay at the guys stuck in those cages.

Wildhorse Harley-Davidson sponsors this commercial from Harley-Davidson and we agree 100%. Live Free Ride Harley proudly supports this message and are fully behind the “get out of that cage” movement. As Harley lovers we can all relate. Sometimes we get into that routine and forget just how lucky we are to have our bikes between our legs.

When you head out for that work commute this week, if you choose to ride your Harley, remember that safety comes first and be sure to keep in mind just how lucky you are to be a member of this secret club that we all love so much. The club of Harley-Davidson lovers.

As Harley owners we’re more then just a rag-tag bunch of transportation vehicle owners. H-D fans are a fraternal order of high-quality machine enthusiasts. We are a collective of people who appreciate the freedom that putting on our leathers and taking a ride can bring. If you haven’t already go out and hank your Harley today. You’ll be happy that you did.

Check out this funny commercial, courtesy of Harley Davidson in Bend, Oregon, for a humorous take on car drivers. It’s scenes like these that reinforce why we ride Harleys. Get out of that cage and onto a Harley!

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