Behold The Long Fork Chopper

This sensational beast is a must see! With forks that reach out like demonic tendrils and roar that is all it’s own this bike is a sure fire hit! If you have been dreaming about a new custom ride, this video might help keep that hole in your pocket at bay for just a few weeks longer. Lets get ready to live vicariously through this random biker; custom build fans feast your eyes on this monster of a motorcycle!

Behold the long fork chopper! Choppers like these may be becoming more and more common but that doesn’t mean we should appreciate them any less! Custom builds like these were meant to be praised! When looking at a beast like this 2 things come into my mind how fast does it go and how does it handle turns? Fortunately for us, this clip shows this mean custom Harley getting taken out of the garage and being prepared for a big ride.

What do you look for in a custom bike? loud pipes, a super-charged engine, or maybe a set of amazing rims. Depending on who you are the answer may be different. We have covered the different styles of customization that goes on from coast to coast in the United States. For the most part; Harley Choppers are as different as the riders that accompany them no matter which coast you are from.

West coast riders favor stiffer suspensions for long flat rides. The Harley-Davidson chopper customizers on the east coast and in mountainous regions have special ways of tucking their pipes and exhaust to allow for optimum turn radiuses as well as the overall look and feel of the bike.

That is the truly amazing thing that we take into consideration when looking into a custom chopper. Each custom bike is unique in its own way. Like a fingerprint or a snowflake; custom choppers built from Harley-Davidson parts and frames are truly a cut above the other bikes out there on the road. Now, kick your feet up and relax and enjoy this incredible custom!

About This Video:

This bad boy pushes some serious horses and looks to be at least a car length in size. 2:20 minute marker he cranks the bad boy up. Watch those turns big guy!

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