A deer in headlights – literally!

If you cried when Bambi died, you’re not going to like this video. Check out the amazing footage of this Harley Davidson hitting a deer at 60 miles per hour! If you learn anything from this let it be this simple fact: Ride steady and keep your eyes peeled!

Deers on the road can be a big hazard. We may very well be encroaching on their natural habitat but that doesn’t change the fact that both the deer and the traveler have found themselves in some real danger over the past century. this particular clip shows just what can happen when the two collide. Most times things end up ok, a close call that you can tell your friends about over a beer. Every now and then it can turn into a serious accident and that is where the problem lies.

As motorcycle riders, we know that even overweight bugs can be dangerous at high speeds. Often we are faced with the conundrum of wearing a helmet with a windshield and looking like a goof ball or going open-faced and catching a bug in the teeth. Alternatively, if a bug hurts when traveling at speeds upwards of 70 mph’s you can imagine what sort of damage takes place when a deer comes careening over a highway divider and plows into your rib cage.

Honestly, this situation shown in the video could have went a lot worse. It looks like the deer catches the bike in its rib cage and skids out of the way of other traffic. We can’t say what happened to the deer officially but personally I am glad the rider is ok and didn’t take a hoof in the face during the ordeal. Demonstrating cool composure while riding can be the difference in riding away safely or ending up as a puddle on the side of the highway.

Keep your heads on a swivel out there and ride safely! Keep in mind that the places we like to ride most are also frequented by wildlife. Live Free and Ride Harley!

From The Video Owner:

Fast forward to the 4:50 mark and keep your eyes peeled on the left side of the road. The deer comes out of nowhere and makes a straight line right at the rider. Thankfully, the rider maintained balance and seemed to be okay – wish we could say the same for the deer!

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