1936 Knucklehead Starting For The First Time In Seventy Years!!!

This is a video we know you are really going to enjoy! Here is a clip that my dad shot of me starting 36EL 1005 for the first time after a six year restoration. The right tank is off, so that we can adjust that overhead oiling.

We are taking a look at this 1936 Knucklehead Starting For The First Time In Seventy Years – It is pretty incredible! The Knucklehead Engine, an amazing piece of technology that has been around since its invention in 1936, is a staple in Harley-Davidson culture. It’s reputation precedes itself. Some of you gear-heads might know this already but the engine itself is based on a two cylinder design where both are pitched at a 45 degree angle. The knucklehead boasts a pushrod actuated overhead valve V-twin engine. This means: Two valves per cylinder.

This engine burst on to the scene in 1936 and quickly became the standard in American muscle. The knucklehead continued to be all the rage until eventually being replaced by the Panhead. The name “Knucklehead” itself came from the engine being assimilated into California “Chopper” culture in the 1960’s.

The design of Harley-Davidson engines has changed a lot through the years. The shapes and sizes of the valve covers change as well as the different engine components. This allows for all bikers to start with a standard and amazing motor and upgrade and customize it until their heart is content! The end all be all in determining what is in fact a “Knucklehead” basically comes down to this – the round knobs on the cover.

The video below features one of these incredible pieces of combustion engine technology being fired up for the first time in over 70 years. Thus putting to bed any rumors of these amazing pieces of machinery NOT standing the test of time.

From The Video Owner:

This bike is my dad’s submission for Micheal Lichter’s Eternal Combustion, Motorcycles as Art Exhibit that will be at The Buffalo Chip Campground this year at Sturgis 2010! Swing by and check it out if you are in the area.

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