1913 Harley Davidson

If you love American pickers on the History Channel you are going to love this. We are hoping into the time machine and taking a trip WAY back into Harley history to check out the video of this beautiful 1913 Harley Davidson.

If only human beings looked this good after 100 years on this earth. The famed Harley-Davidson engine burst onto the scene early in the 19th century. We have told you before about how the original engines we’re barely strong enough to make it up the steep hills of Milwaukee. This bike, from 1913, has the more upgraded engine that was built specifically based off of the short comings of the engines that had come before.

This bike, one century in age, is in amazing condition and is a true beauty to look upon. These sorts of history pieces become more and more rare as many of the old garages and shops they were stored in are becoming harder to find. An important tidbit to keep in mind is that these bikes are pre WWI they have literally seem more things invented in their lifespan then most of our grandparents.

With something this old the fact that it is still standing is a wonder. The fact that this “pedal-crank” machine is still in running condition is a true marvel! This bike also features some very rare options, such as the really neat top of tank toolbox that is shown at the :30 second marker. If you love Harley’s then it is important to remember where the bikes came from. Their rich history is fascinating and a true American ingenuity story.

We hope you enjoy this historic piece of tape and invite you to learn more about the history of Harley-Davidson.

About The Vide

Very few of these pre-World War I bikes still exist and this one is in great condition. With all of its original parts and a detailed, albeit dry description, you’ll get a great feel for the history behind this bike. This 100 year old motorcycle may look more like a bicycle, but it runs like a beauty. Make sure to watch until the end when the owner starts and rides this historic Harley.

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