$1000 To Spend On Harley-Davidson Gear and Parts

What If You We’re Given $1000 To Spend On Harley-Davidson Gear and Parts? What would you buy? With the long weekend upon us we all have a list of plans for how we want to spend the weekend. Whether you are taking a nice long ride through your state or spending the weekend in the garage upgrading your bike – If you had $1000 to spend on Harley-Davidson stuff; what would you purchase?

Amazon Has Great Harley-Davidson Parts & Apparel

Lets Use Amazon Prices As A Basis. They have a lot of great Harley things and it’s always easier for me to price compare when I can see everything I want right in front of me. Amazon helps me with that!

  1. S&S Cycle 510G Gear Drive Camshaft Kit 33-5177
  2. Harley-Davidson Distressed Leather Brown Eagle Leather Jacket
  3. Harley-Davidson Kevlar CUT-RESISTANT Leather Gloves
  4. Gudcraft Leather Bar Stool for Harley Davidson Bikers (2)

My Harley Shopping Cart

This puts me at just about $950.00. Add shipping on to that total and Im sitting pretty at just over $1000. Try to come as close as you can without going over more then a small amount once shipping is factored in.

Harley-Davidson Shopping Spree!

Personally, I don’t know if I am going to spend $1000 this weekend on a shopping spree, I want to have some running around money in my pocket! Hypothetically speaking, I think I did a pretty awesome job on my list. I might just scoop up 1 or 2 of the more affordable items and keep dreaming about the others. What does your list look like? Be sure to share with us!

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