Changing Your Harley-Davidson Oil & Oil Filter

We’re breaking down all of the steps and materials you will need to perform a successful oil change on your Harley-Davidson! Check the materials list as well as the video tutorial and we can guarantee you will be changing your oil in record time.

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Materials You Will Need

  • Oil Filter Wrench
  • Oil Filter
  • Harley Certified Oil
  • Grease Rag
  • Harley Manual
  • Socket to remove plug

How To Change The Oil Filter On Your Bike

  1. Find your oil filter
  2. Get out your Harley manual
  3. Find a flat spot in the garage or on the driveway
  4. Make sure your bike is warmed up (let it run and then cool down a bit)
  5. Remove the dipstick
  6. Check existing fluid level
  7. Identify oil drain plug
  8. Move oil pan under spill area
  9. Remove oil drain plug (oil will be hot!)
  10. Match socket to oil removal plug (5/8 standard)
  11. Find oil filter
  12. Place piece of cardboard under filter to protect parts from spillage
  13. Use filter wrench to remove oil filter
  14. Lubricate the edges of filter with oil
  15. Replace new filter with filter wrench (tighten to snug fit)
  16. Replace oil filter plug
  17. Add new oil (check manual for fill instructions)
  18. Replace rubber plug from jiffy-stamp
  19. Check fluid levels
  20. Crank bike and let extra oil burn off

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