The Warrior Chopper Is The Toughest Bike on The Planet

You have to see this! A really amazing chopper; built by Nick Hamm via the Wounded Warrior Battalion. This chopper was/is built by five wounded veterans from the United States Marines.

The Warrior Chopper Is The Toughest Bike on The Planet. Harley supports our troops and we love Harley-Davidson for its unwavering support of our men and women in the armed services. I myself never served but my Father was a proud paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and did the majority of his jump training in Ft Brag. I feel like my own love for Harley-Davidson came from my Father. My dad, like so many other motorcycle riders came back from the military and craved that sense of brotherhood that he felt while serving his country.

Harley-Davidson and the brotherhood it creates among it’s riders is the only thing that I can think of that can fill that age old void of camaraderie and kinship. Nick Hamm is a United States Marine that decided that he wanted to do something to bring attention to the particular needs of our returning veterans. Nick and his team of 5 Marines built this custom Warrior Chopper in 8 months and consider it a work in progress.

From top to bottom this bike screams active-duty! Featuring brass and other metals from real military weapons this bike combines the best of both worlds – Bringing together amazing bike technology and incredible historic military memorabilia. From ammo cans to expended ammunition casings, this bike mixes the brawn of the life of an American soldier on a tour of duty along with the mechanical know-how and ability that America is known for.

Enjoy this look at a truly one of a kind bike and be sure to donate to the wounded warrior project this Memorial Day!

About This Video

It serves as an example for other wounded veterans to show them that there is life after an injury. The bike itself is beautifully awesome. There are some really amazing details that represent the military, such as 90mm artillery round that servers as a headlight. There are various weapon components that are built into the bike through the design, such as historic shell casings, knives, and grenade launchers. This bike is an awesome project that celebrates the military through veterans who are still in the fight.

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