Harley-Davidson Jewelry Your Ticket to Ride in Style

Harley-Davidson is an iconic name in motorcycles. One that reflects a unique slice of Americana which bikers and admirers hold in the highest regard. It embodies independence, strength and freedom; the very fixtures that our nation was built upon. It’s no wonder, then, that the brand has inspired an expansive line of clothing, accessories and even jewelry. Sporting its logo conveys your love of American pride and ingenuity. So even if you spend your days sitting in a cubicle and commuting on gridlocked freeways, you can still experience a connection to the freedom of the winding, open road.

Whether you’re searching for your very first piece of jewelry, or you’re simply adding on to an ever-expanding collection, you won’t want to miss these beautiful pieces.

Harley-Davidson Ladies’ Ring of Freedom

Blending elegance and hardiness, this striking ring is feminine, playful and unique. A midnight black genuine pearl rests in the center of antiqued solid sterling silver. The border of this beautiful piece features bold logos and intricately sculptured silver designs. For just a touch of tough girl, this ring cannot be beat.

Harley-Davidson Ladies Eternity Ring

For women with a passion for the open road, this head-turning ring is an excellent option. Featuring solid sterling silver and striking black sapphires, the Eternity ring is accented in 24-karat gold borders. Make a powerful statement about your individuality with this unmistakably elegant ring.

Stacking Ring

Comprised of three stacking bands, this ring combines fashion and freedom flawlessly. Each band is beautiful on its own, but when stacked together, they form the instantly recognizable Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo. This versatile ring is the ideal addition to your jewelry collection.

Roses of Freedom Ring

This flirty, feminine ring is perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to compromise fashion for her undeniable sense of adventure and independence. Made of solid sterling silver, this ring features a shimmering Harley logo flanked by two beautiful gold roses. This sparkling ring is as elegant as it is unique.

Harley-Davidson Freedom Pendant

Show the world that you honor the Harley-Davidson lifestyle with this striking pendant. A genuine midnight black pearl hangs elegantly from antiqued solid sterling silver, bordered by the famous logo. Whether it’s worn with a sharp business suit, or is safely tucked beneath your biker jacket, this necklace signifies your connection to the unbeatable American spirit.

Harley-Davidson Tribal Necklace

Display the Harley bar and shield logo with pride with this bold necklace. A flame-shaped sterling silver background accented in 24 karat gold flanks a striking gold logo, letting the world know all about your pride.

Harley-Davidson Tribal Bracelet

Pair the tribal necklace with this matching bracelet for a coordinated ensemble. This beautiful bracelet features a silver flame design accented by 24 karat gold. In the middle, a bold bar and shield logo proudly displays your love of the open road.

Harley-Davidson Tribal Earrings

Complete your tribal Harley look with these beautiful earrings. A gold Harley logo hangs elegantly from the flame-shaped sterling silver background. Whether they’re whipping in the wind as you turn a corner on your bike, or dangling daintily at your neck while you pick up the kids from school, these earrings are a must for die hard Harley fans that have an unyielding eye for style.

Harley-Davidson Charm Necklace

Can’t decide which Harley logo you’d like to sport? This versatile piece allows you to choose from six distinct, interchangeable charms. Each Harley charm is cast in sterling silver and features 24 karat gold accents. It emblem has never looked so elegant, aside from its most prominent spot on a bike of course. What’s more, this collection comes complete with a beautiful presentation case and an elegant sterling silver chain that is accented with 24 karat gold.

Harley-Davidson On the Move Ladies Charm Ring

This beautiful ring features a beautiful Harley logo charm affixed to a bold sterling silver band accented with 24 karat gold. Whether you’re shifting gears on your bike or typing up a business proposal at the office, this striking ring displays your penchant for excitement and adventure.

It is inherently tough, but not without a hefty dose of grace and refinement. These expertly crafted machines are celebrated for their lasting endurance, their elegant design and their unrivaled power. You can embody the spirit of this American icon with these beautiful pieces of timeless jewelry. Whether you’re a seasoned biker, an eager novice, or simply a lover of the open road, you can express your personality by donning the legendary logo.

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