Harley Davidson Collectibles

Harley Davidson collectibles are becoming more desirable and common as the brand ages, the older items get more valuable and collectible. But what collectibles are available today are collectible and possibly of high value in the future? Harley Davidson is not just a motorcycle, but a lifestyle brand so there are items available from every part of the lifestyle as detailed in this article.


Jewelry is a long lasting item so it is inevitable that some items become collectible. This isn’t limited to specific gender either. Men and womans necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets are available in various quality and design. Sterling silver is the most common material although you can find gold and platinum Harley Jewelry in there too. Designs are made from typical Harley trademarks like the shield, bald eagles, flames, skulls and the Harley Davidson signature. There are even some Harley gas tank shapes that jewelry is made from. These symbols are commonly found across all the Harley collectibles.


Zippo are the main brand who Harley associate themselves with to produce their lighters. With the shield logo and flames (see the irony there?) adorning the side of the lighter to show your motorcycle allegiance.


Glassware will include drinking glasses and ashtrays. Designs are not usually fancy on glassware, but elegant H-D motives are commonly seen. Great for enjoying a cool beer after a days riding on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.


There are a few scaled models of Harley Davidson motorcycles available. These are one of the more likely items to become a valuable collectible later in life, especially if it is of a popular model that goes down in the history books as a landmark vehicle.


Books are becoming more dated by the day with electronic readers going mainstream. Although this makes books a less sensible choice for a number of reasons today (for general reading), it does primes them to becoming more rare and collectible in the future. Especially landmark books like the current batch of ‘100 years of Harley Davidson’ books available. Try to get official ones where possible, and first editions – these historically hold their value much better, and you may see a return on your investment sooner rather than later.


Another lifestyle item. Knifes have always been one of the most versatile tools around with many different design options depending on their use. The Harley Davidson brand can be found on many knives. Handles are usually black to match the traditional motorcycle color. Ones to look out for is seeing handles shaped like Harley Davidson gas tanks (the peanut shape)- already a limited edition collectors item, it will only hold their value long term if kept in good condition.


As the traditional Harley look is an open face helmet – and this involves a face load of wind, Sunglasses are commonly sported on Harley riders faces, and with good reason. Naturally this is also supplied as a lifestyle product and you can have your face matching the helmet, clothing, jewelry and of course the motorcycle.


In the office or at home watching time go by? You can glance at your favorite Harley models when doing so with a Harley Davidson clock. They also look great in bars and diners. I would recommend going for a classic looking clock with one H-D shield motif over a selection of motorcycles if you are prefer collectors items though, they have more class and are more likely to hold its value.

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