Head light – check, Running lights – check, Oil – Check, Brake lights – check, Transmission Oil – Check, Front and Back Break Fluids – Check, General Motorcycle Checking routines; “Hand Signal” – Maybe!  Not all motorcycles come with a helmet that has an ear piece that each rider will hear one another.

Starting out riding, I rode with Hubby on his 1972 Sportster; years later – it was given as my birthday present. He showed how different hand signals works just in case someone cannot hear you on top of the Harley pipes.  During that time, I realize the vital importance of hand signals and the funny side of doing hand signal on a ride.

I reside in Missouri with a slang that goes with it “Show Me State”.  In the process of learning the vital importance of hand signals on a ride more than five (5) riders.  The loud pipes of the Harley that I love the most; a rider cannot hear each other very well if  communicating verbally, that is the main reasons of hands signal. Sometimes, even though, we see the brake lights or turn signals coming on; some of us riding enjoy the view mostly (paying attention but not focus).

While learning the hand signal, I’ve notice most riders pick up quickly on movements better than the lights”.  Slowing down, Left turn, Right turn, Engine starts, Road kill or something else on the road; it works for me truly, I like sightseeing when I am out riding, even though there are lights on my Harley I use hand signals for my safety as well as the safety of others on a ride.

The funny side of hand signal – in my learning years; every time my husband notches my side to do a hand signal, someone on a pass by vehicle always wave. At first, I just frown at them, but Hubby said, “It will be alright just return the wave if able to”. We always have a little laugh about it and go on.  It goes to shows I live in the “Show Me State”, and it always brought a smile.  

Earlier in the years, I’ve known some friends who didn’t know hand signal including myself; it is very vital important when there is more than five (5) plus riders, it save a rider or two from an accident, or a group of riders from a major catastrophe. I, myself, encourage all my new rider friends to learn this skill – it is very helpful in the long run.

Even, if all the major lights on our Harley works, it is always good to learn hand signals.  It saves twelve (12) of us riding down the highway and run across an accident in which just occurred. Running at 75 – 80 mph speed on I-49 Hwy and slowing down to 10-15 mph in a matter of 3-5 seconds helps when hand signals were used that day – the movement caught every ones view which made it easy to slow down to a stop without causing a major catastrophe on the ride that day.

Vital Importance of Hand Signal? “Yes” – very important to my view. It plays a major role in regarding safety, road hazard, saving a fellow rider from a major catastrophe, or just someone in need of a restroom stop. Enjoy the ride.