“To ride WITH a windshield or WITHOUT?” Knowingly, mostly everyone who rides a motorcycle; it does not matter if it’s a Harley, Honda, Suzuki etc.., has ask this question at least once.  For myself, I am a Harley rider, I prefer having a windshield on my motorcycle – knowing reality facts, “[BUGS do Hurt]”, and also, an extra protection from flying debris.

I used to ride my sportster years ago without a windshield – {Freedom} as they say. One evening on our way back from a motorcycle run; I got hit by a June Beetle also known as a June Bug, it missed my helmet and shattered the right side of my riding glasses. Pulling over on the side of the highway, between the tears and the soreness from where the bug hit, somehow, we manage to make it home.

The next morning, it looks bad and felt worse {black eye, swollen and all}.  A friend stops by that morning and his facial expression tells it all; but it never fails “Does it hurt?” he asked. Hubby(Richard) reply “Nope, she was changing lane when the June Bug put on his breaks. Here’s your sign!” This I give Bill Engvall (comedian) the credit.  During that week, I decided maybe I should have a windshield put on the sportster. Well, to make the story short, today it doesn’t matter what type of upgrade or customize I do on the Harleys – it will always have a windshield, my preference.

There are seven (7) reasons why:

1.    Eliminate most of the bugs hitting the rider.

2.    Helps when you get caught in the rain.

3.     Help save a rider mostly from gravel/rocks thrown from tires.

4.     Other flying debris off the cars/trucks.

5.     It helps tone down the wind a little.

6.     It is an extra protection from horse, cow and hog trailers.

7.     It makes the ride and enjoyable trip.

There is no correct answer to the question. I do have friends who will ride without a windshield, but it always depends on each persons’ preference.

So….”[Would you ride your motorcycle with or without a windshield?]”



“We like to fantasize that motorcycling is all about the wind in your hair and your knees in the breeze, but when you come right down to it, there can be too much of a good thing.”  Like the wind; pushing against you at 60-70 mph for hour after relentless hour…in the cold…in the rain.  To counteract this, a windshield will deflect at least some – if not most – of that windblast away. Article written by Rider motorcycling at its best.

The windshield or windscreen is an extra protection that helps shield the rider from wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks. Not every biker likes to have a windshield on their motorcycle, but this article is for the bike riders that like having a shield in front of them as they ride.

Windshield helps keep the bugs out of your teeth and the rain feels like shot from a shotgun. They, also helps protect the riders from large bugs spatter (like June Bug) that almost knock them off their bikes, as well as debris that comes from vehicles either passing or that is in front of them.  They are great in the wintertime to block the cold wind.  The winter wind will make your hands numb no matter if you’re wearing riding gloves or not.  Article written by

In the early years, windshield was made with acrylic (plexiglass) type, they were known to be crystal clear, however, drill mounting put stress cracks in the acrylic and lead to breakage.  The industries have come a long way; up to today standards; the Quantum Polycarbonate (Lexan) is the toughest material made that outstands the others with much better strength, better optical quality, and far better scratch and abrasion resistance.

In my early years of riding, Harley Davidson’s windshield were the best made; the different variety, the width {how wide you prefer}, the length {how tall you prefer}, the quality, and the offset of tinting in colors or clear.  Today, the industries are booming, we have so many companies making windshields with good quality that compete with Harley Davidson. Don’t get me wrong, I will always prefer Harley Davidsons windshield for my Harleys; but earlier this year when I replace my Road King windshield, I found another company called “[Freedom Shields]” that made good quality windshield also; but that a story for next time.

So, Harley Davidson windshield verses other Company Brands.  It all depends on the rider.  Sometimes cheap is not a good thing, I know everyone is not made of money; but a good, quality windshield might save your life and makes the ride very enjoyable. Safety should be your utmost concern, because the most important person is “[YOURSELF]”I will always recommended Harley Davidsons but it’s the riders’ choice – “[A good, quality windshield provides a rider an extra protection from the environment and on the road, and it’s worth it!]”