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English abbreviation dictionary

English abbreviation dictionary

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Oxford English Dictionary. Abbreviations. Home How to use the OED Abbreviations. Abbreviations. More English Dictionary Abbreviations. Abbreviations in general use, such as 'etc.', 'i.e.', and 'p.m.', are listed and explained as entries in the dictionary itself. abbrev. a short form of a word or phrase: "ITV" is the abbreviation for "Independent Television".

The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Academic & Science - Abbreviations - Business - Internet. How should you write abbreviations? Should they have capital letters, full stops, and apostrophes?. A. a. (in Etym.) adoption of, adopted from. a (as a ), ante, 'before', 'not later than'. a. adjective. abbrev. abbreviation (of). abl. ablative. absol.

Abbreviations are shortened forms of words or lengthy phrases and are very useful in Looking at Latin, the root of much of the English language, is a good way to decipher abbreviations. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Idk - I don't know Idc - I don't care Idm - I don't mind Idr - I don't remember Idrm - I don't really mind Rly / rlly - really Sme / sm - same lol -laughing out loud Lmao. Acronym Finder is the largest and most trusted database of over 4 million acronyms and abbreviations. What does an abbreviation stands for? The answer is.


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