Harley Davidson – Common Terms Associated With Custom Bikes

For more than 100 years the name Harley Davidson has been closely associated with custom motorcycles. Certainly there are many Harley Davidson terms that are used by the creators of custom choppers today and which have been round for many years now. Below we take a look at just a few of these.

1. Big Twin – This particular term relates to the size of the engines being used in not just Harley Davidson Motorcycles but all custom choppers today. Although they are known as big twins the engine sizes vary from 883cc to ones as large as 1584cc.

2. Ape Hangers – This term relates to a particular style of handlebars which will be fitted to custom motorcycles. Unlike other handlebars these ones raise the hands of the rider to above the height of their shoulders.

3. Hardtail – This term in most often used for those motorcycles where the frame has no suspension. So the ride is much more rigid and a lot less comfortable. These types of motorcycles are not really suitable for being ridden any distance on.

4. Softail – This particular term is used to indicate that the motorcycle does have a suspension system but which is hidden from us seeing it. Normally the suspension is situated underneath the engine and provides you with a much smoother ride.

5. Low Rider – This is a term that was given to motorcycles where the riding position is considerably lower than would normally be found on a motorcycle in the 1970’s. There are many machines that will be classed as a low rider but one of the most well known of them all is the Harley Davidson Super Glider.

Show Your Biker Pride With Some Daring Harley Davidson Jewelry

Giving jewelry that truly means something to the recipient can be difficult. What makes it easier is finding a line of jewelry that reflects a special interest. If your special someone is interested in motorcycles, then Harley-Davidson jewelry may be the line for you.

Its Basic Black Necklace is a beautiful gift for the lady in your life. The Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield logo is crafted into a heart shaped charm of solid sterling silver that hangs from generous black-corded leather. A toggle clasp at the back keeps the necklace secure when she wears it. And it’s such a lovely piece that she’ll want to wear it all the time.

A similar necklace is the Harley-Davidson Open Spaces Necklaces. It, too, features a black cord, but this one is on the slender side, while the charm is a bit bolder. Made of sterling silver, it is accented with marcasite stones and 24 karat gold, and features the its Motorcycles logo. She’ll wear it with pride.

If your lady friend prefers to wear her jewelry on her fingers, consider giving her Rumble and Roll Ladies’ Ring. This is a bold ring that still has that feminine look that suits her. The inner band spins freely of the outer band. Featuring the company logo in 24 karat gold, this ring is made of solid sterling silver.

The Spirit of Harley Ladies’ Stacking Ring is three rings in one. Each band is made of solid sterling silver and is accented with black nickel. The two outer bands are slender, but look substantial with their shimmering marcasite accents. The center band contains diamond studs between 24 karat gold silhouettes of the Bar & Shield Logo, giving this ring a fiery flash.

If earrings are more her style, she’ll love the Davidson Wings of Wonder Earrings. This design-unique to its-looks like a pair of eagle wings spread in flight. The earrings are crafted of solid sterling silver and accented with the Harley-Davidson logo in gold. A black bead dangles from the bottom tip of each pair of wings, making sure these earrings catch the eye.

Earrings that are a bit more delicate, yet maintain that its edge are the Ladies’ Barbed Wire Earrings. Crafted of sterling silver in an intricate heart shape, each earring features the Bar & Shield logo in 24 karat gold. The barbed wire styling gives it grace and boldness that will suit her personality.

Bracelets may be the ultimate in its jewelry. The Harley-Davidson Tribal Bracelet looks as cool as she does. Crafted in solid rhodium-coated brass, it looks like silvery flames on her wrist, and the 24 karat gold Harley-Davidson logo adds to the fire.

If you’re looking for a gift for a man who likes to ride, then you can’t go wrong with a Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Ring. This is truly a man’s ring, crafted in solid sterling silver. An eagle sits on a background of black enamel and is flanked by Harley-Davidson emblems. Gold accents this ring, too, giving it a rich, masculine shine.

The Harley-Davidson Heavy Metal Ring is a bold piece of jewelry for a fellow biker. Crafted of solid sterling silver, it is shaped like a genuine Harley-Davidson lug-nut and is topped with the company logo. 24-karat gold accents this powerful ring that any biker would be proud to wear.

Harley men don’t mind wearing bracelets, especially when they look as cool as the Men’s Iron Eagle Torque Bracelet. This one is made of solid brass that is plated in rhodium and accented with 24 karat gold. Crafted in the torque design it features a screaming eagle and the Harley-Davidson logo.

The Ready to Roll Men’s Bracelet is made of solid sterling silver and crafted into links of a heavy chain. Rhodium and 24 karat gold accent this ring, and the Bar & Shield logo is set in a black nickel-plated face. This is a masculine bracelet that will let his Harley-Davidson pride shine through.

Maybe he prefers to keep his jewelry tucked away when he’s not showing it off. The H-D Custom Chrome Pocket Watch – Combustion was inspired by chrome motorcycle components that were crafted specifically for Harley-Davidson. The face of this watch features the Harley-Davidson logo and the outspread eagle wings on a red background. The exterior of the watch looks like chrome, and there are black nickel and 24 karat gold accents. The Bar & Shield logo embellishes the outside of the case of this cool watch.

Men can wear necklaces, too, and the Harley-Davidson Live to Ride Men’s Necklace is a great choice for your biker friend. Heavy metal links are crafted of sterling silver with black antiquing, and the Bar & Shield is understated but obvious in a masculine way. Rhodium accents this great necklace, and he’ll be as proud to wear it as he is to ride his bike.

If you’ve got a friend who is crazy about Harleys, any of these great pieces of jewelry will make the perfect gift.

The Often Overlooked Important Leather Motorcycle Gear

When riding a motorcycle, it’s important that you have all of the important safety gear like motorcycle jackets and motorcycle helmets. This gear is needed in order to be able to protect yourself fully in the event of a crash. This should be your first priority when getting ready for any motorcycle ride, but often times some of the more important pieces of leather gear are overlooked and disregarded. Some of those important leather gear items include leather chaps, and leather motorcycle boots, and gloves.

One of the more important pieces of gear that any motorcycle rider could have are leather boots, and often times many riders fail to take advantage of this great piece of equipment and settle for less protective footwear like tennis shoes or even sandals. It’s amazing that anyone would even consider wearing sandals on a motorcycle given the fact that there are so many parts on the motorcycle that become extremely hot when in operation. The risk for getting burned is very high. Not only that, but sandals leave you exposed to any flying dirt or debris that could strike you while riding. The best way to protect your feet is with a good pair of motorcycle boots. You’ll want to wear boots that will completely cover your ankle, which will provide you with the most protection possible.

Another important piece of leather gear that is often overlooked by riders is leather chaps. Leather chaps are great for providing protection from the wind and cold when riding your motorcycle during times when the weather may act this way. The biggest protection comes in the areas of your knees and lower legs because those areas are the most exposed when in the riding position. The leather chaps help to shield the cold weather elements, and help keep you warm at the same time.

Finally, motorcycle gloves are another piece of leather gear the people often forget to bring along on their longer trips or short rides. Leather gloves also help protect your hands from flying dirt and debris and can also help keep them warm in times of cooler weather. Leather gloves also help you keep a better grip on the handle bars because they are often equipped with pads on the hands and fingers that prevent slipping and sliding on the handlebars. When you head out for your next motorcycle trip, be sure that you have all of the important gear that is needed to make your trip safe and successful. This includes the items that are sometimes forgotten about.

Motorcycle Collectibles – Great Hobby and Possible Moneymaker

Die-cast and tin model cars have been the prized possessions of automobile memorabilia collectors since the first Model Ts came off the Ford assembly line. Anyone who is a serious collector of old miniature replicas knows that it’s not unusual to see a 1950s tin friction car that was made in Japan and bought in a U.S. 5-and-dime store sell for several hundred dollars today on an online auction site.

The value of a model vehicle is determined by its scarcity and its condition. The very old models manufactured before World War II, usually made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, often cracked and fell apart as a result of metal fatigue. Since the tiny cars and motorcycles made in the mid 20th century were designed to be play things for kids, most suffered the bumps and bruises that come with being a child’s favorite toy. When these toys broke, they were thrown away. The few that have survived in pristine condition are worth a lot to the collector who longs to call one his own.

Several manufacturers used to make model motorcycles. Over the years, some companies went out of business and others merged or were bought up by competitors. Sometime during the 1980s, coincidentally to the time that video games gained tremendous popularity with kids of all ages, sales of small wheeled toys slowed down. More boys became interested in racing motorcycles via an electronic joy stick. And others took up the real sport and raced mini bikes on dirt tracks. Today, just a handful of companies produce the bulk of quality motorcycle miniatures. The price of a newly minted model varies widely. A mass-produced 1:64 scale bike that’s about 3 inches long and mostly made of plastic can be bought for under $2. At the high end, a pewter, limited edition of the Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic that is built to 1:5 scale and is 19 inches long is being offered by the Franklin Mint at $1,000. Only 1,000 of the latter, which is definitely an eye-catching showpiece that comes complete with a leather seat, and a hardwood base with a customized nameplate, are being produced.

If you are just taking up model motorcycle collecting as a hobby, the best advice is to buy what you like and what you can afford. Unlike yesteryear, when owners of objects like toys and baseball cards actually played with these items and discarded them when their condition deteriorated or their owner’s interest waned, everyone today knows that certain things can increase in value over time. But the glut of unopened toys in their original packaging that has been stashed away in closets over the last 30 years keeps the overall value down. When millions of Hot Wheels Harleys are produced, it’s highly unlikely that your collection of a few hundred would reap riches down the road.

For the adventurous motorcycle miniature collector who is in it for the thrill of the hunt, there is some good news. While marketplace prices for old and rare specimens can be out of reach, you can get lucky. By going to garage sales and checking out flea markets, you just might come across a real gem for just a buck or two.

How to Change a Harley Davidson Motorcycle Battery

A modern motorcycle depends on a good battery. Not just to get it started, sound the horn and turn on the headlamp but complete engine management amongst other things require it. So it is important to have a good heavy duty one, yet not be heavy enough to compromise performance.

If you have heavily upgraded your electrical system with the latest gadgets (GPS, radio system, etc), then as well as a higher amperage rated battery, you will also need to upgrade the alternator from a specialist in this field to match the battery.

Motorcycle batteries have a lifespan of 10 years on average; however this varies according to their use, demands and maintenance. Keeping a battery on trickle charge when it is not in use for a long period (e.g. you are a summer rider and don’t use your Harley Davidson in the winter) is a good idea and helps prolong the life of the battery. However sometimes there is a need to replace and get a new one so this guide is going to cover how to do this in 10 simple steps.

1. Find out the correct battery size. There is no universal battery size for Harley Davidson’s, they have changed over the ages so be sure to check what you actually need to save returning it to where you purchased it from, if in doubt take your old one into a shop (or a photo on your phone) and compare it to get the right one.

2. Check your electrical requirements. Unless you have done big upgrades to your electrical system (e.g. added motorcycle radio kit, different spark plug ratings, GPS system, different lighting system, etc) then you should go for the same rating as the original battery.

3. Turn off your engine and remove your old battery. Be careful with any mounts that hold it down. This is usually done with a spanner over terminal pins.

4. Your new battery may or may not come charged. Plugging it into a battery charger before use will not hurt it, if they are charged they are usually advertised as so – so you can skip this step.

5. Replace your new battery where your old one went. Pay extra attention to the positive and negative terminals as getting this wrong could severely damage the electrical system of your Harley Davidson.

6. This is also a good chance to check and correct any corrosion on the battery connector terminals. If there is some, which can give a chalky appearance, scrub it off with a wire brush to reveal clean shiny metal.

7. Cover the terminals in a lubricated electrolyte. Vaseline is good for this – this prevents corrosion of the battery terminals in the future. It is not essential, but helps maintain the area for the future and is standard during a mechanical service.

8. Connect the wires up to the battery correctly and tighten them up so they have a firm grip on the battery terminals.

9. Replace all covers and start your engine. It is advised you ride for at least 30 minutes now so the alternator can charge the battery up to its required amount.

10. You’re done!

Six Awesome Motorcycle Parts to Soup Up Your Hog

Ask any biker: your motorcycle is not only a high-powered vehicle built to create awesome experiences, but also an expression of your personality.

Even though machines come off the lot stacked with great features, there’s always room for modifications. Working on your bike is just one more fun part of ownership, while adding and subtracting components lets you to create the look, feel, and riding experience you desire. Let’s look at some super-cool motorcycle parts you might consider adding or altering to perfect your bike.

1. Frame Sliders and Engine Guards

Frame sliders are very simple add-ons that prevent your frame from touching the ground, in the event that your vehicle tips over. These metal components create a short cushion between ground and bike, preventing impact to your frame. Similarly, engine guards are steel bars that fit over the cycle’s engine to protect it if the craft keels over. Both of these are easy to install, and give you some cheap insurance against frustrating damages.

2. Fender Eliminator Kit

Most bikes come with bulky, unattractive rear fenders. It’s not a surprise, then, that fender eliminators are one of the most common alterations riders make. Look for a good eliminator kit that works with your rear brake light and gives your vehicle a sleeker appearance.

3. Exhaust System

You feel the need for speed, but do you also feel the need for… noise? Many riders are excited about the powerful sound of their engines, and adding an exhaust system gives you control over that sound’s character and intensity. Though this isn’t the cheapest of motorcycle parts, it adds some power to your engine and is usually easy to install. With so many systems that create unique sounds, you have control over how you announce yourself to the streets.

4. Air Filter

The air filter is the exhaust system’s partner in crime. If you opt for a new exhaust system, you’ll need a filter that can handle it. Air filters heighten performance by keeping the engine clean and aerated. Well-maintained filters can last for tens of thousands of miles, so it’s smart to invest in a good one.

5. Custom Suspension

Suspension is much different for motorcycles than it is for cars. A biker’s weight is much higher in comparison to his or her vehicle’s weight. When you buy a bike, have the suspension adjusted precisely to handle your weight. Very few riders do this, but it makes for optimal handling and performance once you hit the road.

6. High-Performance Tires

Tires are crucial motorcycle parts. Good ones allow you to ride on a wider range of surfaces, while also optimizing handling and fuel efficiency. The tires included with new bikes are functional, but basic. Look for tough, high-performance tires that are built for the kinds of surfaces you plan to encounter – it will make a big difference in the feel of each ride.

Working on your bike can be just as fun as riding it. With these motorcycle parts and modifications, you can transform a good machine into a great one.

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Riding a Motorcycle

A motorcycle isn’t just something that moves you from one place to another – it’s truly an experience every time you ride it. Unlike anything I can think of, motorcycle changes you. You’re not just a guy or a girl with a motorcycle: you’re a rider. You feel cooler, because you ARE cooler. Motorcycle isn’t something you own, it’s something you do. You ride. Riding a motorcycle can turn daily commute into an adventure. Here are my 7 reasons to start riding a motorcycle.

1. Riding will help you to find your Zen

While riding a motorcycle on the road might be fun, it takes an incredible amount of concentration and focus. After all, you don’t have a protection of the car’s frame, the convenience of cup holders and the luxury to daydream while riding. Constantly monitoring your situation – speed, road ahead and body posture to name a few – serves as meditation that will surely clear you mind of the unnecessary thoughts. I have never once thought about that episode of Game of Thrones while riding. On motorcycle, you’ll find inner peace and become one with your bike.

2. Riding a motorcycle makes your daily commute easier

A lot of people flinch at the thought of daily commute on a motorcycle. But if you think of it, riding to work makes sense. You’ll save big on gas, as well as on time you commute. You’ll get to work sooner and with less frustration from being stuck in traffic.

3. You’ll make Mother Earth very happy

Motorcycles considered greener option of transportation. Every modern bike will have to adhere to meet very strict environmental standards. Plus it consumes much less fuel than a car which is a win-win for you and the environment.

4. You’re helping to ease traffic congestion

By riding a motorcycle you place less stress on traffic flow. Even though lane-splitting is only legal in few states, there’s evidence that lane splitting practice alleviates traffic congestion. Feel free to yell “You’re welcome.” While passing cars – they have one less car to be stuck behind.

5. Riding improves your health

Riding a motorcycle benefits your health and is incredibly good for your brain. As I mentioned before, zen state mixes with the endorphins that come from motorcycle riding, or just being outside does wonders for your mental health. Enhanced mental health leads to improved physical health, if not simply because it gives you the right attitude.

6. You’ll meet lots of new people

Your bike will serve as a conversation starter everywhere you go – you’ll often find yourself meeting new people, who will go out of their way to talk to you, to share stories. If you riding a bike, you’ll find yourself meeting people with whom you might otherwise never have had an opportunity to interact-people from outside your socioeconomic, religious or racial circles.

7. You look cool riding a motorcycle

Unless you drive an exotic car, being a driver is not as cool as being a rider. Usually, I like to hide this fact. In some way or another motorcycling will make you appear cooler than everyone else on the road. And deep down inside, everyone else will know it. It might not be cool to reveal such a thing, but admit it, every time you see someone zips past you on a motorcycle, you think to yourself “this person is so cool, I wonder where he’s going”.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jackets

Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets are second only to helmets when it comes to rider safety. While there is a host of pieces of riding gear you should have to stay safe and comfortable on the road these two are the most important. If you’ve ever taken a spill on your bike then I am preaching to the choir.

Whether you like them or not helmets keep that grey matter in between your ears, well between your ears. I’ve seen the giant crack down the center of my helmet that would have been my skull after a crash so I don’t care what the laws are, I always ride with them.

I wish I would have been more diligent with wearing a riding jacket. Sometimes it’s warm or you’re just going for a quick ride and you forget about protection Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets offer. These jackets are most usually made of high quality, thickly seamed leather which will take a lot of the road’s abuse before your skin does. Yeah, you might still end up feeling something but I’d rather burn through the leather jacket than have my arm look like Hamburger Helper leftovers.

To increase your safety and keep that skin looking as good as it does today (back hair and all) many Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets have boy armor inserts. Located in key areas around the body like the shoulder, elbow or chest body armor is synthetically developed to pad you during a fall. Maybe not as strong as it’s law enforcement name sake when it comes to stopping bullets, this body armor gives you more wiggle room when you go down.

On top of being safe Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets just look cool! They complete that classic biker look that has made Harley and the American biker an iconic image. I challenge you to think of the icons of cool in our culture and not find a leather jacket in their wardrobe. Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles and looks too to fit any style you’re looking for.

Wearing safety gear like helmets, goggles and Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets is the best way to make sure you walk away from a crash when (not if) you go down. But how do you know which specific piece is right for you and how do you know you’re getting the best deal?

Harley Davidson – 7 Reasons Why Riding A Harley Is Awesome

A Harley Davidson is unlike any motorcycle. They are beautiful and everybody wants to own one. There is a reason why these motorcycles are almost like a unicorn-clouded in half-myths and half-truths. However unlike the unicorn, you can always ride a Harley and experience for yourself what is myth and what is not. Most likely, you will find out these 7 truths about why riding a Harley is awesome.

1. Harleys have a long and rich history as well as heritage and because of this you will always have something to talk about with fellow Harley riders. Harley riders have a great sense of camaraderie and will always have a spare wrench (or an adventure or two) to share.

2. Harleys are so beautiful that even an old beaten up one still looks great. They have their own legacy, craftsmanship like no other that is why they hold their value even after years later. The look and the feel of a Harley are impressive that even a small one is a big bike!

3. Riding a Harley is comfortable; you can try out a fully dressed one with armrests, and wide comfortable seats, a big useful windshield to protect your face from being bug squash boards as you ride those wide open highways. Unlike sports bikes, Harleys provide riders with a comfortable riding position that is suitable for long cruising. This is also the reason why speed does not directly affect your Harley ride experience. There is something about that chrome and leather, together with that big-twin rumble that makes your heart race as you throttle on. You can chug at 20kms and still look fantastic! Harleys are always in style, turning heads as they rumble on the streets. Harley riders have this confidence that they are not affected by their bikes being out dated by new technology.

4. If you are getting on a Harley, as part of reliving a second childhood dream, you have the perfect excuse not to act your age! Wear as much leather as you want, get a henna (or real) Harley Davidson tattoo, get that bandana on your head and put on those black shades. Saddle up! This is your dream and with a Harley you will never look ridiculous.

5. Relax as the “potato, potato” sound accompanies you on your Harley ride. The sound is always distinguished, something unique that even someone with poor eyesight would know a Harley sounding off a mile away.

6. Turn as many heads as you want, you will eventually loose count! A Harley is such a head turner, and it makes the rider look really good!

7. Every Harley legacy starts with a person’s first Harley dream. It is the same dream that moved William Harley to design that first engine. As you get on a motorcycle, you take the first step in fulfilling your dream and creating your own personal Harley legacy.

As for myths and facts, one thing is certain a Harley Davidson has more legacies and head turning potential compared to a unicorn.

Popular Harley Davidson Fashion Ideas

There are few of those in the world who are not aware of the popularity of Harley Davidson. This popularity is not restricted to motorcycles only. They extend to accessories like gloves, boots and helmets.

There are even t-shirts with the logo and some popular bike models printed on them. All of these together make a strong style statement for those who embrace it. Men are obsessed with owning the motorcycle along with all the accessories that come with it. Owning anything that has to do with Harley Davidson will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

Some of the following products are the most suitable while riding the motorcycle:

Since riding a motorcycle involves having to expose yourself to harsh weather conditions including wind, rain and dust, it is a good plan to wear something that can withstand all of that. Leather jacket in black is the best option in such a situation. They look smart and give a wild, tough look to the rider that goes well with riding the best bike in the world. That is why it is very popular among men who ride the Harley Davidson.

The most obvious piece of clothing that compliments a black leather jacket is a pair of black leather pants. They look sexy on the wearer and teamed with the jacket make for a strong style statement. They also act as protectors to the legs during harsh riding conditions in case of bruising or scratching.

They go well with the biker look complete with the bike, the helmet and the jacket.

The biker look is not complete without the quintessential leather boots. They are not only good to look at and make a mark in the fashion scene, but also protect the feet in case of sudden injury. They are made of tenacious leather and can withstand harsh weather conditions. They last long and can be worn during long rides on the bike.

Helmets are very important when you are riding a motorcycle. They protect the head for severe injuries. The impact of many accidents is controlled by the use of helmets. Although their use is widely supported and advised, there are many irresponsible bikers who avoid wearing helmets when they are riding a bike.

Wearing the Harley Davidson helmet will not only satisfy the protection criterion but also make for an appreciable style statement for the wearer. They are built very sturdy for maximum protection.

To add to the zing of the entire Harley Davidson fashion attire you may wear the goggles made by this company as well. They are very much in fashion and at the same time they protect the biker’s eyes form the sun’s glare when he is on road.