Women bikers have come a long way from the rough and tumble motorcycle babe early 1900s to today’s society.  The stereotypical image of the burly male bikers straddling his two-wheeled freedom machine and riding off with a “biker babe” in tow is becoming something of the past.

Even before the 1921 article and Harley Davidson model catalog, the adventures of several women riders had already been documented in the Harley Davidson magazines. Out of all the documented stories; two of these stories were popular in pioneer days regarding women becoming independent involving learning and driving their own motorcycle was of Della Crewe (1914) and Effie and Avis Hotchkiss(1915).

The inspiring story of Della Crewe’s traveling in 1914 on her two-speed Harley Davidson with side-car starting from Waco, Texas to New York City, New York with her Boston bull pup name “Trouble”.    

Of course, there’s a story of Effie and her mother Avis Hotchkiss in 1915.  Effie purchased a three-speed Harley Davidson and added a sidecar for her mother so they could travel and see America; very inspirational. Their traveling story from Brooklyn, New York to the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco. There are a lot more stories of our pioneer women riders during the years even though Motorcycle Industries was still known to be a man’s world.

From pioneer to our current time, women riders or bikers are becoming very popular.  Before, a woman out riding usually with a male biker driving; now “most women are the driver: the feel of freedom, the thrill of traveling, the feel of being in control, and the love for speed”. I’ve known women riding Harley Sportsters, Dyna Wide, Electric Glide, Shovel Heads, Road King, Heritage and other different make and models like Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki.

Myself, I do not know how to ride a bicycle; and yes, I ride my Harley Davidson Road King Classic (picture) every chance I have and mostly everywhere I go if the weather permitted. The freedom and being in control, and especially the thrill.  The early years of learning to ride was not so thrilling at the time; due to the fact of finding out that trees, corner of the house, the light pole, the home dug well, and side of the barn does not move; but practice and being consistent is worth not giving up . I love the deep sound of a Harley Davidson; it does not matter if I am riding down the road, or hearing a Harley pass by the house – the distinctive, awesome and unique sound that I always pause and look.

Harley Davidson was always the men’s world, not anymore; the women are just as much a demand as men are according to Harley Davidson reviews, not for just for posing on the motorcycle for the Harley Davidson magazines and but as “RIDERS”.




 [Feel the freedom, my sisters, enjoy the ride and be safe].