Why Wear Leather Riding Gear?

leather riding gear

As a biker, you know that few things surpass the thrill of riding down the open road. During these moments, the furthest thing from your mind is the possibility of a crash and the importance of wearing the right riding attire.In the event that you do crash, the only thing between you and the pavement is what you’re wearing. That’s why wearing the right motorcycle helmet is essential. But what about the rest of your body? That’s why wearing leather riding gear is also important. Leather boots, chaps or pants, and jackets protect your skin from ‘road rash.’ Leather apparel also provides waterproof protection in wet weather and warmth during cold months, as well as protecting you from flying debris such as pebbles, in much the same way as the visor on your motorcycle helmet.

Although leather gear often brings to mind the image of a motorcycle rider, leather is also popular for motocross riders and indeed anyone involved in motor sports racing. Apart from a helmet, a heavy leather jacket is one of the most important safety precautions you can take as a rider. Today’s leather riding gear is designed to be relatively lightweight and comfortable, while made from durable leather to provide the best protection possible.

Motorcycle apparel is becoming more popular as an everyday look, meaning that more and more manufacturers are focusing on fashionable biking attire. While safety is definitely one of the most important aspect to consider when purchasing riding gear, your own style also plays an important role. Whether worn on or off your bike, sporting a stylish leather jacket is a classic look. In addition to black leather, there are also designs in a wide range of colors and styles to suit any rider. Whether you wear leather riding gear as a fashion statement, for protection, for comfort, or for all of these reasons, you’ve made the right choice.