“To ride WITH a windshield or WITHOUT?” Knowingly, mostly everyone who rides a motorcycle; it does not matter if it’s a Harley, Honda, Suzuki etc.., has ask this question at least once.  For myself, I am a Harley rider, I prefer having a windshield on my motorcycle – knowing reality facts, “[BUGS do Hurt]”, and also, an extra protection from flying debris.

I used to ride my sportster years ago without a windshield – {Freedom} as they say. One evening on our way back from a motorcycle run; I got hit by a June Beetle also known as a June Bug, it missed my helmet and shattered the right side of my riding glasses. Pulling over on the side of the highway, between the tears and the soreness from where the bug hit, somehow, we manage to make it home.

The next morning, it looks bad and felt worse {black eye, swollen and all}.  A friend stops by that morning and his facial expression tells it all; but it never fails “Does it hurt?” he asked. Hubby(Richard) reply “Nope, she was changing lane when the June Bug put on his breaks. Here’s your sign!” This I give Bill Engvall (comedian) the credit.  During that week, I decided maybe I should have a windshield put on the sportster. Well, to make the story short, today it doesn’t matter what type of upgrade or customize I do on the Harleys – it will always have a windshield, my preference.

There are seven (7) reasons why:

1.    Eliminate most of the bugs hitting the rider.

2.    Helps when you get caught in the rain.

3.     Help save a rider mostly from gravel/rocks thrown from tires.

4.     Other flying debris off the cars/trucks.

5.     It helps tone down the wind a little.

6.     It is an extra protection from horse, cow and hog trailers.

7.     It makes the ride and enjoyable trip.

There is no correct answer to the question. I do have friends who will ride without a windshield, but it always depends on each persons’ preference.

So….”[Would you ride your motorcycle with or without a windshield?]”