Harley Davidson Shovel Head: Piece Of Junk Worth Million Recollections

Harley Davidson Moorcycle

Piece of junk worth million recollections or memories in rebuilding  my  Harley Davidson Motorcycle Shovel Head.  Mom walked out of the house, take one look and said, “You guys spend money on that piece of junk?” Hubby and I look at each other and start laughing. “It’s not a piece of junk, it’s a motorcycle.”  I am very proud of this motorcycle because of the memories involved.  With a lot of laughs, jokes, beers and whiskeys; and pure strong desire of repairing this piece of junk. It was my first motorcycle I learned to rebuild with Hubby’s help.

Bought a very rough looking Harley Davidson motorcycle from a friend “Eddie”.  We decided, to pick it up on a Saturday since we’re both off work.  At the mean time; Mama (my mother in law) who live with us at the time and my Mom is visiting on this weekend. We let both mothers know we’re going to pick up a motorcycle; and won’t be too long.  With the trailer hook up to the truck, we went to pick up the motorcycle.

When we got home, both mothers are sitting outside the front porch.  Mom walk out to the garage where we pulled up with the motorcycle. She took one look and said, “You guys spend money for that piece of junk?” Hubby and I look at each and start laughing. “It’s not a piece junk, it’s a motorcycle.”  Mac, my son helped us unload the bike.  Of course, it didn’t help when we had to use a pry bar to pry up the fender from the back tire, so we could get it off the trailer. Mom just frown more, shake her head and walk back to the porch.  The look that both mothers have on their faces was more like, “we have lost our sense of mind”.

I learned from Hubby how to strip everything down on the engine and replace what needs to replace on the engine alone; re-done the whole bike from scratch, and we left the fenders for last.  We were discussing back and forth if we should buy new fenders or straightened up the old ones that was on the bike. Until a friend of ours “Douglas” stop by one evening just to see the update on the shovel head motorcycle.

With Douglas help, a couple of beers and whiskeys, laughs and jokes, sledge hammers, hammers and couple pieces of  2″x 4″ boards; we decide to give a try to straightened up the fenders, there’s nothing to lose but everything to gain. So, between us and Douglas we decided to have some fun, we enjoyed ourselves hammering on front and back fenders that evening up until late night.  That is the same fenders we beat on that is on my 1980 Harley Davidson Shovel Head today.  Little things makes life worthwhile; like having good friends who entertain themselves on simple things like straightened out fenders and good companies.

I have learned almost everything on that Harley Davidson Shovel Head from Hubby; it goes to shows that is never too late to learn, and learning is a very good experience. The Harley Davidson Shovel Head is worth million recollections of  learning, what to do and what not to do, how to drill out broken bolts, how to replace broken seals and gaskets, how to replace rods and hoses, how to replace motorcycle shocks, how to replace running boards, the jokes, the laughs, the friends, especially the memory about Hubby and everything else. That is the before picture before we started, and the after picture is on “about us” page – [1980 Harley Davidson Shovel Head 1340 cc].