Harley Davidson Motorcycle Jackets

Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets are second only to helmets when it comes to rider safety. While there is a host of pieces of riding gear you should have to stay safe and comfortable on the road these two are the most important. If you’ve ever taken a spill on your bike then I am preaching to the choir.

Whether you like them or not helmets keep that grey matter in between your ears, well between your ears. I’ve seen the giant crack down the center of my helmet that would have been my skull after a crash so I don’t care what the laws are, I always ride with them.

I wish I would have been more diligent with wearing a riding jacket. Sometimes it’s warm or you’re just going for a quick ride and you forget about protection Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets offer. These jackets are most usually made of high quality, thickly seamed leather which will take a lot of the road’s abuse before your skin does. Yeah, you might still end up feeling something but I’d rather burn through the leather jacket than have my arm look like Hamburger Helper leftovers.

To increase your safety and keep that skin looking as good as it does today (back hair and all) many Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets have boy armor inserts. Located in key areas around the body like the shoulder, elbow or chest body armor is synthetically developed to pad you during a fall. Maybe not as strong as it’s law enforcement name sake when it comes to stopping bullets, this body armor gives you more wiggle room when you go down.

On top of being safe Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets just look cool! They complete that classic biker look that has made Harley and the American biker an iconic image. I challenge you to think of the icons of cool in our culture and not find a leather jacket in their wardrobe. Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles and looks too to fit any style you’re looking for.

Wearing safety gear like helmets, goggles and Harley Davidson motorcycle jackets is the best way to make sure you walk away from a crash when (not if) you go down. But how do you know which specific piece is right for you and how do you know you’re getting the best deal?