Harley Davidson – 7 Reasons Why Riding A Harley Is Awesome

A Harley Davidson is unlike any motorcycle. They are beautiful and everybody wants to own one. There is a reason why these motorcycles are almost like a unicorn-clouded in half-myths and half-truths. However unlike the unicorn, you can always ride a Harley and experience for yourself what is myth and what is not. Most likely, you will find out these 7 truths about why riding a Harley is awesome.

1. Harleys have a long and rich history as well as heritage and because of this you will always have something to talk about with fellow Harley riders. Harley riders have a great sense of camaraderie and will always have a spare wrench (or an adventure or two) to share.

2. Harleys are so beautiful that even an old beaten up one still looks great. They have their own legacy, craftsmanship like no other that is why they hold their value even after years later. The look and the feel of a Harley are impressive that even a small one is a big bike!

3. Riding a Harley is comfortable; you can try out a fully dressed one with armrests, and wide comfortable seats, a big useful windshield to protect your face from being bug squash boards as you ride those wide open highways. Unlike sports bikes, Harleys provide riders with a comfortable riding position that is suitable for long cruising. This is also the reason why speed does not directly affect your Harley ride experience. There is something about that chrome and leather, together with that big-twin rumble that makes your heart race as you throttle on. You can chug at 20kms and still look fantastic! Harleys are always in style, turning heads as they rumble on the streets. Harley riders have this confidence that they are not affected by their bikes being out dated by new technology.

4. If you are getting on a Harley, as part of reliving a second childhood dream, you have the perfect excuse not to act your age! Wear as much leather as you want, get a henna (or real) Harley Davidson tattoo, get that bandana on your head and put on those black shades. Saddle up! This is your dream and with a Harley you will never look ridiculous.

5. Relax as the “potato, potato” sound accompanies you on your Harley ride. The sound is always distinguished, something unique that even someone with poor eyesight would know a Harley sounding off a mile away.

6. Turn as many heads as you want, you will eventually loose count! A Harley is such a head turner, and it makes the rider look really good!

7. Every Harley legacy starts with a person’s first Harley dream. It is the same dream that moved William Harley to design that first engine. As you get on a motorcycle, you take the first step in fulfilling your dream and creating your own personal Harley legacy.

As for myths and facts, one thing is certain a Harley Davidson has more legacies and head turning potential compared to a unicorn.