Drowned with rain then burned afterwards

Part I

Have you ever got caught in a ride been drowned with rain and four hours later got burned crisp from the sun afterwards; and home is still another two-hour ride? It happened on this ride.

Got off work from O’Sullivan on Saturday morning; we decided to head for Iowa to see Katrina, our niece.  Their were 5 of us riding 3 bikes. Hubby & I on the 1975 Harley Davidson Shovel head (Beast), Dean & Josephine on 1995 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide (Bumble Bee), and Wayne 2 on 1972 Harley Davidson Sportster (Wahine).  We have to garaged Wayne 2 Harley Davidson Sportster because it was leaking oil badly, that’s how he end up riding wahine.  The ride was awesome that morning, beautiful day starting out.

About bout 60 miles from Iowa border when Wayne 2 holler at Hubby and Dean waving at the sky. The side we’re riding, sun is shinning and clear but looking toward the right side; very dark blue-black clouds. Hubby and Dean signal Wayne 2 that it will be okay; it’s on far-right side, we’re on this side away from it.  It was, until 7 miles down the road and it curve right underneath them blue-black clouds.

Within minutes we were all soak. It rained so hard that we were following each other’s tail light. It was a good thing that Dean didn’t end up in the ditch because we all would be. We found a road side park and pull off. The saddle bags are soaked through. Cigarette brake;  Hubby was the only one with dry cigarettes, we shared his, waited for the rain to ease up. Hit the road when the rain lightened up.  Stopped by the nearest gas station about 15 miles down the road to pick up some gas for the bikes and coffee or anything warm to  warm our body since we still got a little ways to go.  Apologizing to the store clerk that day; everywhere we stand in the store, there’s a puddle of water. Took off after everyone are feeling a little warm and the bikes are gas up.

We were about 5 miles from Iowa border when the sun came out. And it got hot very quickly. After we cross the Iowa state line, we started peeling of jackets and chaps, by the time we got to Katrina’s place it shows 97 degrees. We spend the night at Katrina’s to dry our clothes, jackets and everything else we had on going up; and of course, Wayne 2 party that night with Katrina..