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Why a Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Why a Harley Davidson Motorcycle There are several manufacturers of motorcycles around the world. The BMW for one, builds performance driven motorcycles for years. Japan-made Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha also have race winning motorcycles. Ducati is another motorcycle brand that is very popular around the world. But why a Harley Davidson? Why is Harley-Davidson so […]

Harley-Davidson Jewelry Your Ticket to Ride in Style

Harley-Davidson is an iconic name in motorcycles. One that reflects a unique slice of Americana which bikers and admirers hold in the highest regard. It embodies independence, strength and freedom; the very fixtures that our nation was built upon. It’s no wonder, then, that the brand has inspired an expansive line of clothing, accessories and […]

Expressing Freedom With Harley Davidson Jewelry

If you are looking for gifts that make a statement, then considering Harley Davidson jewelry may be one of the best alternatives. For individuals that like to express independence and freedom, is the ability to use these accessories as a perfect fit toward this culture. The different jewelry that is available for both men and […]

What Makes the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine Unique?

Whether it be powering a police bike, a fully-dressed touring machine or a raked chopper with a springer front end, the Harley Davidson motorcycle engine is a mechanical marvel that is quite unique. Presented here is an article which offers several reasons why the Harley Davidson motorcycle engine is so unique. Appearance One of the […]

Harley Davidson Collectibles

Harley Davidson Collectibles Harley Davidson collectibles are becoming more desirable and common as the brand ages, the older items get more valuable and collectible. But what collectibles are available today are collectible and possibly of high value in the future? Harley Davidson is not just a motorcycle, but a lifestyle brand so there are items […]

A Short History of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson got it’s humble start when William Harley and Arthur Davidson produced the first production motorcycle in 1903. The motorbike was to be a racing bike, and was built in a small shed wooden with the words Harley-Davidson Motor Company written on the front door. One year later Harley-Davidson had put out 3 production motorcycles […]

Harley Davidson Rings – Silver Rings For Men

Silver rings have always been in fashion among both men and women, so it is not a new fad among men. Men’s rings date back to thousands of years before. These rings had specific purposes such as in most cases they were worn to show position and wealth of a man, in some cases they […]

Why Wear Leather Riding Gear?

As a biker, you know that few things surpass the thrill of riding down the open road. During these moments, the furthest thing from your mind is the possibility of a crash and the importance of wearing the right riding attire.In the event that you do crash, the only thing between you and the pavement […]